You’re Not Alone, It Happened to Others, Too!

Are you having trouble piecing together the puzzle of where things went wrong in your relationship? Do you feel that your legal rights were ignored, your child’s safety was in question, and your relationship was a fraud? Our community includes survivors, lawyers, and counselors who work together to help fix your situation. By sharing your story you can also help other dads avoid the heartache, stress, turmoil, and guilt that you endured. It’s time to fight back in a safe environment where you can vent or seek help. From legal to psychological advice to emphatic survivors, you can get answers here.

Why Share: Solve the Mystery

You probably think you are alone. You’ve read the books. You’ve browsed the forums. You’ve even happened upon a diagnosis, but you still are unsure if it’s the stress, the pregnancy, the change of weather, cheating, or something else that’s causing turmoil in your relationship. Post your story before it’s too late to fix things.  If the relationship can’t be solved, then figure out a strategy to maintain your child’s safety and protect yourself. Legal, psychological, and financial help when it matters. It’s better to prepare for the worst, because if you are here, the worst is probably coming.

Why Share: You Need Closure

You may want to shout the truth to everyone you know, but that always causes problems. Just trust us. You might want to be vindicated, but legal and emotion consequence brew. You may want to ignore it and hope things go back to normal, but you know they wouldn’t. It’s time to tell the world what’s happening in your life, because we guarantee that you are not alone. Most importantly, sharing gives you closure by helping others to see where your life ended up and how to improve the odds their odds of success.

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