Message From the Site’s Developer: “Two and a half years of perpetual torture. That’s how it felt during my marriage after I found out I was the victim of a fraud. During that time, I thought I was going to lose my job, my daughter, friends and family,… my entire life was imploding. I had to search far and wide for answers to many questions: Why is my wife raging? Why doesn’t my wife help out the family personally and financially? Is my child safe? Through the journey, I discovered my wife’s awful past that include psychological disorders, manipulation, and cheating. I also found all the bad actors in her life who could have warned me of the truth. I built this website to make sure my experiences could help other men, fathers and victims of abuse in their quest for answers.”

If We Are Successful:

  • Your questions will get answered
  • The best parent will have full custody of their child
  • You’ll be able to build a legal strategy to exercise your full rights as a parent
  • Our free psychological advice helps you to repair some of your emotional damage