We went to court and finally got an agreement to see the house, but the judge warned her to not make this process difficult. The incentive for Vendetta was obvious: stay in the house as long as possible. Here’s what she did to get her way

  1. She kept the house in terrible shape so no one would buy it. Even the broker said the house was “filthy”.
  2. She stopped paying the mortgage, which was crazy, because I couldn’t pay it already. My mother was paying it.
  3. She canceled house viewings, which she did on the very first showing.

1 I told my attorney that I couldn’t believe this stuff was legal. Even after the house was under contract, she told the buyers that she sold the appliances. She just wouldn’t quit. In the end, it all worked out and I got the money. My mother paid off her mortgage and I got my life back in order, financially.