story_image_conclusionVendetta’s family was very accurate with their diagnosis, but so was I. When I asked a professional psychologist about their opinion, they said Vendetta’s behavior fell into the bucket that includes anti-social behavior, NPD, and BPD. Most people share traits of each of those disorders; the actual classification is not as important, since the diagnosis calls for roughly the same thing.

Vendetta needs many years of intensive therapy. If not, she will destroy Lauren like most mothers with BPD do to their children. As for marriage, this should not be an option for Vendetta. She sees it as a way to extract benefits from someone else versus to build something lasting with someone else. She also put Lauren at an enormous disadvantage for not having two strong parents in a loving relationship, to do this to other kids would be horrible.

I just worry about what happens to Lauren. Lauren will mimic Vendetta, because she will model herself after the person she sees every day. Lauren may also have the genetic characteristics that make Vendetta’s life impossibly difficult. If Vendetta is pushed too hard, Lauren will suffer and that’s not acceptable.

I remained open to reconciling the marriage until it finally sank in that my life would be in danger. It’s never going to happen and I have to protect myself so I can protect Lauren. Be being around and having rights, I can make sure Lauren has a way out if and when she wants it.

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