story_image_wrong marriage“Therapists find that borderline patients have had one or more of the following experiences: 1. Inadequate emotional support following parental abandonment through death or divorce; 2. Parental abuse, emotional neglect, or chronic denigration; 3. Being a no-good child of a borderline mother. Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse are inherently denigrating.”

I never found out the truth, but moving from Missouri to Charleston indicates abuse as the culprit. I presume it was someone in Charles’s family. They lived close to his family and Taylor didn’t work. Vendetta even remembers telling me that she was alone a lot and she was allowed to play in fields. Charles’s sister essentially killer herself after years of bulimia and Charles stopped speaking to many of his own family members.

“… Most researches maintain that borderlines cannot be cured, they agree that they can learn to control their behavior. Borderlines, however, need access to long-term treatment.”