story_image_dragging out the divorceLike in Vendetta’s previous marriage, she dragged out the divorce, because it’s so economically beneficial to do so. I even asked her why her last marriage took so long to conclude. She lied and said she didn’t know why. At least I saw this coming.

“Custody battles may continue for years. The witch is consumed with annihilatory rage and may seek financial, emotional, and physical revenge. After her husband asked for a divorce, a patient blurted out, “I want to hurt him as badly as he hurt me. I want him destroyed.”

Now that the divorce is coming closer and a date was set for a trial, Vendetta is being extra nice to me. This was always a sign that she was nervous or was planning a manipulation. I’ve had enough experience to know that it’s a fraud, but I’m not sure in what form the fraud is going to transpire. I’m keeping my eyes open.

When I got a date for the trial, I thought things were finally going to end. Unfortunately, that morning of the trial, Vendetta’s attorney told the judge’s clerk that my attorney was always late. The clerk told the judge and the judge took on a smaller trial before ours. By the time it was over, the judge decided not to try my case and instead delayed it another month. I was beside myself in anger. I yelled at my attorney for not seeing this, which should have been predictable given that Vendetta stretched out the separation to 18 months just to stay at the house for cheap. It’s crazy that I didn’t default on the house or declare bankruptcy. All this and Vendetta already accumulated 250,000 dollars from a combination of super cheap rent ($800 for a $4000 house) and tremendous growth for her business. It’s incredible. Her policy is no mercy.