story_image_depositionI knew from the beginning that Vendetta was hiding assets. She told me she was hiding assets from her last marriage in case the government came after her for a foreclosure. She didn’t tell me until later that she was hiding assets in case her ex-husband came after her for breaking the marriage contract. In my case, it wasn’t whether Vendetta was hiding assets, but where. Luckily, when I went back to my house for my clothing, I found those assets on a bank reconciliation document. When I showed that statement to Vendetta’s attorney, she struggled to blow it off. I didn’t fret, because it was right. That document ended up allowing us to negotiation a much deal in the end.

During Vendetta’s deposition, I finally learned all the stories she was telling other people and I was blown away that someone would lie with such composure. I finally learned that she was dangerous and would do anything to win. It was sad listening too, because the whole time I couldn’t figure out how people actually believe her. Well, now that I know what she was saying, I could respond with the truth, which is a lot more convincing. Vendetta said to her friends that

  1. We were never able to get our finances correct and that’s what cause problems for our relationship. Truth is, Vendetta didn’t want to combine our assets, because the marriage was a fraud. In the case of divorce, we’d have to share everything. Vendetta’s accountant Rasputin was telling me to keep all my stuff separate, which I never listened too. Instead, I put Vendetta on all my accounts and made her an equal part of everything. She later said her debt cards didn’t work and that’s why she never combined accounts. I took her credit card, used it at the store in front of her and brought it back to show that it was working. I knew what she was trying to spin, so I made sure she had no excuses. This lie was nothing more than a fraud.
  2. Next lie was that I didn’t really do much to help her company. Truth is, I completely transformed every part of her company except for the person taking the pictures. Not only did I fix the pricing, but I built all the websites, changed all her traditional marketing strategy, fixed her internal operations, helped hire new employees, wrote a 30 page marketing plan, and fixed her sales strategy. These changes helped increase her profits from 27k to 120k in 18 months. Problem for Vendetta was I built the company for me to lead. Once I stopped working on it, the whole thing started to crash and fall apart. She made so many mistakes that I was shocked that it fell apart as quickly as it did. Vendetta didn’t know that I build the entire company, but I never finished it… on purpose. I didn’t want Vendetta to have the benefit of everything I created in case I wanted to use my ingenuity for dominate that market. I was proved correct, because as soon as I told Vendetta that I finished my work, she cut me off, completely stopped talking to me and banded me from helping to build the companies, which was my only way to move to Charleston. That’s classic Narcissistic personality disorder.