story_image_victim“She is demanding and flamboyant and may intimidate others. The Queen feels entitled to exploit others and can be vindictive and greedy.”

Vendetta looks for guys who will put up with a long distance relationship1, because they wouldn’t be around Vendetta long enough to see her true behavior. She often said she couldn’t find any good guys in Charleston. This was not exactly the truth. She prefers Christian guys who are too nice and obedient, forgiving, etc. to put up a fight and they tolerate a lot more than your average guy just looking for a normal girl. Vendetta targets successful men, not that this is notably a bad thing. She also targeted me, because I wanted to have kids, which was her express interest in being with me. I told Vendetta to the very end of the marriage that I was willing to reconcile. I was willing to live my life in purgatory, because of a promise I made to God2. I didn’t file for separation and I fully expected her to seek help. She never wanted the marriage; that’s why it ended.

If I wasn’t rebounding into the relationship, then I would have spotted Vendetta’s tricks a long time ago and I would never have tolerated her putting my life in danger.