story_image_Vendetta’s FabricationThat book I mentioned had a page that finally connected all the dots for me. It was the plan Vendetta used to sabotage my reputation and destroy me in the eyes of her friends. Sometimes it’s difficult to explain, so I let the book speak for me…

Vendetta goes from one person to the next in order to promote her agenda. Before the marriage, Vendetta hated her mother and complained to everyone that her mother was bi-polar and crazy. The whole of Charleston knew this, because of Vendetta’s stories. After Vendetta got pregnant, she needed her mother to believe her stories or order to get Taylor to do her dirty work for her. Their relationship will stay together until Taylor starts to question Vendetta’s decisions and Vendetta doesn’t need babysitting services anymore. It’s sadly predictable, but that’s the truth.

“The borderline queen treats people as if they were cards to be shuffled, arranged, and stacked so that she can win. Borderline Queens exploit others without remorse. They are competitive and envious, longing for wealth, glamour, attention, fame, or admiration. Preoccupied with themselves, they seem self-centered, greedy, and bossy. Those who cannot be used to their advantage are discarded like jokers from a deck.”

Vendetta’s stories were fabricated. She bent the truth as far as it took to convince someone.