story_image_business failingVendetta doesn’t realize this, but her business is slowly crumbling. Vendetta is not a good business person, that’s why her business was crumbling before, but most of the stuff I did for the business was, because I planned to take it over and run it myself when I got back to Charleston. That’s why I worked so hard on it. I created systems, websites, sent money, algorithms, hired people, etc. because I knew that I could handle the upkeep and administration of it. Vendetta isn’t even good at paying the electric bill and she can’t code. Most important, she is a terrible people manager. With her disorder, you can see that people don’t stay in her life that long. Vendetta managing people was never going to work, so I was supposed to do that to build the business. I was going to take over all the business parts of the company and Vendetta was going to do the photography parts. Now that we are separating, you can see that the business parts fell apart quickly.