story_image_healthFrom Lauren’s inception, I thought Vendetta that making tremendous mistakes. She drank a lot when she was pregnant and ate fast food when pregnant. After Lauren’s birth, she continued to breast feed when Lauren was already two years old. As a result, Lauren was born premature and underweight. 1 Throughout Lauren’s development, Vendetta continued to breastfeed even though she wasn’t pumping enough. As a result, Lauren continued to decline in relationship to her peers. She started at the lower 15% and eventually dropped to the lowest 3% for her peers. I think the only thing that saved Lauren was when I finally got visitation rights to have her. That’s when mom and I pumped Lauren full of full and pediasure. She recently went to the doctors and she was up to 50% ranking for her age and weight. We got lucky, but the fight isn’t over to keep Lauren healthy. When I called Lauren’s doctor, I also found out that Lauren was way behind on her Vaccines. I told her that I’d take her to court if she didn’t get it sorted out.