story_image_new boyfriendI wasn’t sure why Vendetta wanted to get an official divorce before getting everything in the divorce worked out, but I found out later that month when she debuted her boyfriend on Instagram. I didn’t don’t follow her, which I did for a short while to get picture of Lauren, which she refused to give me. I felt horrible for this guy, because he was simply the next victim to her. Now, here’s the dilemma. Do I say something to this person knowing that the relationship was a fraud? What do I say? When do I say it? My logic was that I wish someone said something to me, but no one did and Vendetta single-handedly ruined my life and traumatized Lauren’s and caused horrible pain for my entire family. Conversely, if Vendetta were to get pregnant, divorce, etc. again, then everyone could easily see that it was Vendetta the whole time. Unfortunately, she’s looking to get pregnant and I know this child’s life would be traumatized too. If she were to go to jail again, it would serve me, because then I’d get Lauren and maybe Vendetta would finally get treatment. In the end, I’m never a person that’s going to knowing let a fraud happen. It’s like those in Rwanda or Nazi Germany who saw the buildup of a massacre, but was silent. I’m not going to be silent, but I have to help in the right way.