story_image_Marriage Fraud Comes UnraveledIt took me a while to understand the extent of Vendetta’s manipulation, but I now know that the marriage was a fake. Vendetta used me to get pregnant. That’s 100% the truth. Now, two marriages that only last 2.5 years in total, Vendetta is single and looking for her next target. She bound up her company in a way to reduce her income and make child support payments much higher. She made a systematic effort to make my life as horrible as possible to get me to cheat on her like her ex-husband did. After that treatment, I understood that all of Vendetta’s stories were true, but they were things she did to others and not what others did to her. Vendetta was the culprit. She used people just like her mother discovered and her family told me after only 6 months of marriage. I caught a criminal, but how was I supposed to get out of the marriage, protect Lauren, and my family? What I didn’t figure out until later was how Vendetta got this way.

1It turns out that a brilliant book I read 6 months after the separation put everything together for me. It labeled Vendetta as having borderline personality disorder. It explained that these things happen when there is some type of abuse. Although Charles and Taylor lied to me, I couldn’t see them as physical or sexual abusers. What made sense was a story that never made sense to me. Why did Charles move his family over 1,000 miles from small town Missouri to Charleston, SC? There are churches and jobs everywhere, so why did he choose that? Why did he not visit his own mother in a nursing home when she was sick? Why didn’t he talk to most of his family in Missouri? Why did his sister have a lifelong battle with bulimia? Why did he completely cutoff his own siblings… or just one uncle in particular? Well, the answer was, someone in Charles’s family sexually abused Vendetta. That was the big family secret that Vendetta covertly mentioned when I said it was so nice to marry into a bible-loving family.