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Diagnosis – NPD, BPD, Anti-Social?

I’ve written this document to understand Vendetta history and how that can translate into a comprehensive diagnosis. I’ve read books and interview lots of her friends, to figure it out. I put the three closest possibilities to explain the diagnoses: Borderline personality disorder (BPD) Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) Anti-social behavior goes along with this group

Conclusion – It’s Never Over, But It Feels Like It’s Over

Vendetta’s family was very accurate with their diagnosis, but so was I. When I asked a professional psychologist about their opinion, they said Vendetta’s behavior fell into the bucket that includes anti-social behavior, NPD, and BPD. Most people share traits of each of those disorders; the actual classification is not as important, since the diagnosis

Selling the House -We’re Almost Done

We went to court and finally got an agreement to see the house, but the judge warned her to not make this process difficult. The incentive for Vendetta was obvious: stay in the house as long as possible. Here’s what she did to get her way She kept the house in terrible shape so no

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