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This story is about a gentleman who inadvertently fell in love with a psychopath, or maybe something worse.

Lauren’s Health – Skipping Doctor Visits

From Lauren’s inception, I thought Vendetta that making tremendous mistakes. She drank a lot when she was pregnant and ate fast food when pregnant. After Lauren’s birth, she continued to breast feed when Lauren was already two years old. As a result, Lauren was born premature and underweight. Psychological Analysis: Back to starting to sound

Photography Business Failing

Vendetta doesn’t realize this, but her business is slowly crumbling. Vendetta is not a good business person, that’s why her business was crumbling before, but most of the stuff I did for the business was, because I planned to take it over and run it myself when I got back to Charleston. That’s why I

New Boyfriend – Do You Warn Them?

I wasn’t sure why Vendetta wanted to get an official divorce before getting everything in the divorce worked out, but I found out later that month when she debuted her boyfriend on Instagram. I didn’t don’t follow her, which I did for a short while to get picture of Lauren, which she refused to give

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