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This story is about a gentleman who inadvertently fell in love with a psychopath, or maybe something worse.

Hiding Assets and More From The Deposition

I knew from the beginning that Vendetta was hiding assets. She told me she was hiding assets from her last marriage in case the government came after her for a foreclosure. She didn’t tell me until later that she was hiding assets in case her ex-husband came after her for breaking the marriage contract. In

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Dragging out the Divorce

Like in Vendetta’s previous marriage, she dragged out the divorce, because it’s so economically beneficial to do so. I even asked her why her last marriage took so long to conclude. She lied and said she didn’t know why. At least I saw this coming. “Custody battles may continue for years. The witch is consumed

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Seeing Lauren – Custody Battle Gets Ugly

It’s sad what happened to Vendetta, but the sexual abused didn’t create all the problems, it was Charles and Taylor enabling Vendetta instead of getting her help that caused the problems. Not even threat of law gets Vendetta to act correctly. I sent over 100 messages to Vendetta to see our daughter. She blocked and