story_image_reboundWhen Vendetta and I met, she was single and I had just come out of a three year relationship with a girl I had planned to marry. That girl also had a daughter, which really broke my heart when I couldn’t see her anymore. I was obviously rebounding, so I went to a counselor at my school (I was going to Emerson at the time) to make sure that I wasn’t making any mistakes. The counselor gave me the thumbs up and said it sounded like the real thing, so I pursued the relationship. I went to Vendetta’s every other weekend. She would come to Atlanta on the weekends that I had to stay around. Our courtship went very fast and soon we were talking about babies and marriage. I wasn’t concerned about the speed at which we dated, because I already dated Vendetta before and was excited to date a girl without a kid after having such a rough prior relationship with a girl with some deal breaking psychological issues. Vendetta was great. I wrote down all the wonderful things about her and I was convinced that she was the one. She blew away everyone else I had ever dated. I clearly was on the right path. Soon after we started dating, we went on a West Coast trip where we started in San Francisco and ended up in Seattle. It was the best road trip of my life and it reaffirmed that I was with the perfect girl. She even came from a strong Christian family that I trusted and I thought that I could escape the difficulties of the past “crazy mother” issues with the ex-girlfriend. I started looking for a ring only four months of this new relationship with Vendetta, which meant that we dated for about eight months in total before I proposed. One of the many problems that are obvious now is that we never lived together.