story_image_christmas-partyVendetta came to visit me in Atlanta. It was only the second time she had came, so I wanted her to have a great time. She came in exclusively for the holiday party and we went straight to that party, which worked out amazing. I really loved hanging out with Vendetta and she did great going into a holiday party and making friends. She did do one strange thing at the party… she told my friend Ashley that I had changed as a person and that she didn’t recognize me. This makes sense, since that was my thought on her crazy behavior. I think Vendetta read my text message and started using the language in it to describe me. After the holiday party, we went back to the house and started having some fun that next day, but at some point after I left the shower, Vendetta was in a horrible mood. She was in such a bad mood that she just went to sleep, so I went to lay down next to her. She gets up 15 mins later and packs up her stuff to leave. I ask why is she leaving and she gives me some crazy excuse like she doesn’t feel welcome or whatever. I had no idea why she was so crazy all of a sudden. Even months later I never really knew. After Vendetta left, I went to dinner with a friend who was excited about seeing both Vendetta and I out that night. Vendetta went back home to a house party with Rasputin and Margarete. So she left her husband after just a day to hang out with friends. It was the start of the end. It was also the last time Vendetta would ever come to Atlanta and nearly the last time Vendetta would call me. 1

Supposedly, Vendetta was doing some heavy duty spying and she looked at my computer and text messages. Apparently, Vendetta took copies of my messages and sent some to her close friends. Those messages were asking her friends about Vendetta’s erratic and crazy behavior and if they had already seen that type of behavior before. Vendetta read these messages and got very upset, which is understandable, but even to this day, she has never confronted me about those messages or why I sent them. Honestly, communication was so broken down with Vendetta at that point that the only way to bring up controversial issues was to write them down and have Vendetta find them. At least Vendetta could absorb the information at her own pace.