story_image-citadelDiego Weinstein and I were heading to the Citadel Homecoming, so I invited Vendetta. She said ok and we were all supposed to go to the game together. Diego and I were waiting for Vendetta downstairs and she was slow as usual. She was getting her stuff, so I gave it some time, but it took a lot longer than was typical, so I went upstairs to check on her. We both came out the house and went to the car looking for her makeup. While searching for it, I mentioned that she didn’t need it and that we needed to hurry. She immediately got upset and started yelling at us to just go without her. Diego and I took her advice and left the house on our way to the game. Immediately following that, Vendetta started a text attack of Diego. She said how could he steal her husband and go drinking with him and leave her alone. She was beside herself angry about being left alone, but she wanted us to turn around and grab her. We told her to come meet us, but she refused to do that. We were both puzzled. I had already been tempted back to the house to “pick Vendetta up” at which point she yelled at me and didn’t come along anyway. Her temper was getting worse and her actions are getting more dangerous. We just stayed with our current plans and went to the game. Vendetta never showed up.