story_image_dogWhile I was struggling with money and Vendetta showed absolutely no empathy towards me or this issue, Scooter got sick. He was sick for months, but Vendetta ignored it and I didn’t have the money to help. When Scooter stopped moving, she finally took him to the doctors and discovered that Scooter was going to die from cancer. He had maybe a week to live and nothing was going to keep him alive. Vendetta choose to extend his life a few days with a few thousand dollars. I of course would not object to this expense if I didn’t have to ask for mother for $40 to pay for gas to drive to Georgia. Vendetta’s choices were just horrible. Going back to the snooping issue, I had every intention of going to Scooter’s funeral. Samantha, Vendetta’s aunt, even messaged me that day to be there for Vendetta as she was going through this horrible time. I told Samantha that coincidentally, Vendetta scheduled the funeral exactly when we were supposed to go to marriage counseling together.

I learned months later, that Vendetta only agreed to go to marriage counseling that day, because it would stop me from going to the funeral. When I asked Vendetta why she scheduled the funeral at that exact time, she said it was the only slot available. The truth is, Vendetta had my calendar and scheduled the funeral exactly during the counseling meeting and refused to answer her cell phone during when I tried to call to catch up.