story_image_lunchJust after my graduation, we all went to Atlantic Station and ordered lunch at a fun place. We had a waiter that had just started that day and wasn’t the best. I don’t know which order he messed up, but when he did it, Vendetta got very mad and made him feel her anger. She yelled at him and demanded better service and a comped meal. “Deprivation impairs moral judgment. Consequently, the [borderline] can be vindictive without feeling guilty.” My brother tried to calm things down and made the waiter feel at ease. Vendetta’s attitude was completely disproportional to the issue at hand. It felt at the time that she was trying to be more irrational in order to get the free meals and possible other free items for me and my family, but she instead looked to be just.. plain.. mean.

“The [borderline] learned that being demanding eventually evoked compliance from others. One [borderline] mother acknowledged her pride in her ability “to manipulate people”.