story_image_house purchaseI was on a roll all summer. Got married, pregnant, and now I was about to buy a house. This was great and I was very excited about the bargain I negotiated and location I got. This was the house that Vendetta kept telling me she wanted. It was very subliminal, but effective message to buy this very expensive house. Vendetta voluntarily foreclosed on her previous house, so she couldn’t actually buy a house, due to her credit issues. I eventually got the house and was extremely excited, but Vendetta didn’t have any emotions about the purchase. She was very dismissive of the whole thing. Not a picture on social media, although she posted about absolutely everything in her life on social media. She just did nothing.

At that time, I had no money and definitely no savings, so I had to borrow money from Vendetta’s father and my mother. Vendetta had money in savings, but refused to part with it. I convince her to deposit eight thousand for a down payment before the wedding. It definitely pissed her off, but I couldn’t understand why since we were getting married and our assets were tied 50/50. I put in the vast majority of the down payment and did another $5,000 of repairs and improvements to the house in order to make it livable. Vendetta did nothing but complain. She told all her friends that she didn’t want the house and that I forced her to get it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Vendetta told me she wanted that exact house and location since the day we started dating.