“Children of borderline [mothers] know that their mother can make people vanish. They have seen her cut people to shreds with words, shatter the reputations of those who betray her, and stab them in the heart with false accusations.”

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Right after Vendetta was pregnant, who whole attitude changed. I assumed it was pregnancy stress and hormones. Maybe the pregnancy “brain” and sleep loss. I assumed everything, because her attitude was so toxic that I couldn’t imagine any man dealing with this stress. I read books and forums, but I never really got an answer until I read this:

Vendetta started plotting the destruction of our marriage after she became pregnant. The problem was I was a nice guy who befriended many of Vendetta’s friends. To make sure I couldn’t tell my story and get people to believe me, she went on a very well-orchestrated effort to destroy my reputation. I know this to be true, because she did it to her own mother, ex-husband, and brother. I was just the latest, but not the last, victim. In each of those cases, the victim could leave or ignore Vendetta, but in my case, I needed to protect our unborn daughter 1.