story_image_realestate attorneyI was already putting the pieces of the fraud together when I was in the middle of selling my company and reinvesting the money into real estate. I needed any possible way of making an income so I could reunite my family by moving to Charleston. I figured this was the only way to help Vendetta to get the help she needed and to keep Lauren safe from Vendetta’s drinking and driving and other risky behavior. Real Estate was going to give me the ability to survive as I looked for meaningful work in Charleston.

I had to structure the deals right in case I couldn’t stop Vendetta from filing for divorce. She only needed a single reason and I didn’t know how long she would last until she found one. She locked her ex- husband out of the house for days and weeks; I figured I was next. When I spoke to a real estate attorney, she asked why I was scared of my wife. I said she was pregnant and acting really horrific. The attorney said that was normal and it goes away after a little while. I then said Vendetta was hiding money and assets, which got the attorney’s attention. She said to get rid of the house as fast as possible, because a divorce was soon coming.