story_image_atlantaJust weeks after Vendetta found out she was pregnant, her whole attitude changed for the worse. She was mean every day and especially the last day before I was to finally to start my dream career. This really hurt my ability to focus and reputation at work, but I fought through the drama and negativity. 1 While away, Vendetta accused me of abandoning her and acting mean whenever I tried to help the problem. One time she called my office and had the secretary and my boss scurrying to find me so Vendetta could ask about our medical insurance. I couldn’t understand her urgency, but the constant phone calls were putting undue stress on me, who at the time was living out of a suit case in a friend’s converted porch. It wasn’t ideal for anyone, but things didn’t have to be this way. Only thing that made her happy was when I worked on her company. She was mean all other times. When I finished some graphic, email, analysis, etc. she was so thankful and happy. When I cooked her dinner or took her on a date, she was miserable and ungrateful. The attitude divergence was stark.

I remember one time that I was leaving Charleston to come to Atlanta for work. Vendetta’s parents arrived at the house right when I was leaving. I waved to them as our cars passed, but they never waved back even though we made eye contact. This was the beginning of what I discovered to be an orchestrated strategy to destroy my reputation.