story_image_liarI’m sure that Taylor is not bi-polar, but her behavior is erratic just for having to deal with Vendetta1. I’m exasperated every time Vendetta breaks a social and ethical norm I’ve grown up believing. Heck, Vendetta breaks the Ten Commandments as well. Not sure where that registers on her list of sins. Vendetta and I can be talking and Vendetta simply lies, with conviction, about something that maybe she has forgotten that I actually witnessed in person. Her ex-husband shocking revealed the same thing about Vendetta. We were both in disbelief half the time. He assumed she had schizophrenia; I agreed, but stated that sometimes the disorder can be temporary, which we both agreed with the case for Vendetta. “Because BPD was previously misdiagnosed as schizophrenia, no reliable way exists to estimate the number of adult children with BPD mothers” (Kroll 1988). It’s a wonder to uphold and I sit widened and shaken every time it happens. I did tell Vendetta to her face that she was a pathological liar after she told our counselor that I never called her. The truth was a projection of her actions against me… she never called me, but told her friends and the counselor (in front of me) that I was the person in the wrong. Here’s a message of me trying to interact with Vendetta, but she actually wrote her indifference versus ignoring my phone calls:


Vendetta did to Taylor what she did to everyone else: divide and manipulate. “The divide-and-conquer strategy is an attempt by the borderline to control others by splitting groups into fractions. Individuals may be unaware that they have heard different versions of the same story and may turn against one another rather than confront or questions the [borderline]. How does Vendetta do it? She tells a person in confidence that someone else is doing something bad or wrong. Eventually, Vendetta gets that other person so upset over the wrong doing that that person seeks out to protect Vendetta at all costs. That problem was that Vendetta got someone else to do her bidding, which allowed her to save face and eventually turned everyone against each other. How did Vendetta poison this story? She told Taylor that Ethan was living there and that he wasn’t going to pay. Taylor, as would anyone, got mad and wanted to protect her daughter. I’m sure Taylor asked Vendetta about my opinion and what I wanted, but Vendetta told her that I “made” her get a roommate and that I wouldn’t let her get rid of Ethan. The reason we needed Ethan was because we had no money, but this turned out to be a lie and Vendetta had plenty of money. Apparently, part of Vendetta’s plan started way back before Thanksgiving when she started to get her entire family to move against me and blame me for what was going on.