story_image_greeceAlthough the honeymoon was fantastic, Vendetta got really upset one day when we were driving an RTV around a Greece island. She had to get off the vehicle so that I could drive it up a hill. When I finally stopped at the top, I waited for Vendetta who arrived in an absolute rage. She was absolutely pissed off and it made me feel terrible, but her anger was completely disproportional to what happened. I’m a very calm guy and I would have gladly walked the short, but steep hill and had Vendetta take the ATV. It was so strange to ruin a good time with that anger. She proceeded to be angry and dangerous for the rest of the day, whereas we were supposed to party at another beach and have a ton of fun. She took the ATV and left for that beach to spite me. I let her go, because I didn’t want to be on an ATV at night with a drunk Vendetta driving it for the first time.