story_image_wedding2In the run up to the wedding, Vendetta and I started to get a little stressed. Vendetta was a little meaner to me, and I was a little more erratic, but we mostly kept it all together and did well.

One thing that Charles had asked me to do was not live with Vendetta until the wedding day, since his reputation at work (he was a church pastor) was such that he wanted that one wish from a religious and professional expectation. I mostly gave it to him, but living together would have actually helped figure out that this relationship was going to die, because the only two people that Vendetta married started as long distance relationships. Either she knew that living together was going to result in a breakup. The pre-marriage stress was partially due to what I was observing when living with Vendetta.

This is why living together would have helped me to see the truth: “Casual acquaintances, co-workers, or neighbors are less likely to witness the borderline’s sudden shifts in mood, self-destructive behavior, paranoid distortions, and obsessive ruminations.”

After the wedding, my friends noticed some really weird things that Vendetta did. We were all having fun at a bar by the river and Vendetta tells all my friends and family that her mother is bi-polar. Although she had told me that numerous times, for just meeting my family and friends that night, that disclosure was a little too much information. If she was so loose with the bi-polar terms around new people, I wonder how many people in Charleston thought that Taylor was bi-polar. I feel terrible for Taylor, but I also have to shake my head, because those rumors are probably circling about me. From personal experience, having to deal with Vendetta’s lies and manipulation will make anyone who cares about her, a little crazy 1