Counselling and SupportDiego: Around December of 2013, the relationship was going horrible and divorce was a growing fear. Vendetta was asking for a divorce every weekend I was in town. She would yell and scream all the time. She was just plain mean every day. There weren’t any arguments. This was a one way exchange. I didn’t yell back, because I was honestly terrified of her. It  was unbearable. I gave her no alternative but to see a counselor, because I wasn’t coming back until she did. I told her that her family and friends all said to see a counselor. I had given up. Strangely, she actually went to see a counselor for the very first time. I don’t know at the time why she went, but she did. After a few sessions on her own, we started going to couples counseling together. We went about 8 times until Jan or Feb or 2014. Things were ok, but the counseling wasn’t very helpful, because he wasn’t a marriage counselor; he was a personality disorder specialist. However, what he discovered was that Vendetta had signs of being bi-polar. I thought she might have some other issues, but being bi-polar would make sense from a professional. I told Vendetta one day that the counseling could be better and that we should go to a different one. She promptly canceled our counseling sessions and stopped going. I begged her a hundred times to go with me to another counselor. She went once and told that counselor “we were only marriage on paper and that she didn’t see it continuing.”1

I think a marriage counselor would have helped, but it wouldn’t have solved the issue, which was getting Vendetta deep psychological help that included medicine and therapy. Anything short of that wouldn’t have helped. Because of the lies that Vendetta has told many of her friends, I think the counseling capitulation was a way to say we tried counseling, but it didn’t work. Her manipulation just got her friends and family off her back when they kept suggesting we go to help solve our problems. Alternatively, why did Vendetta pick Todd over the recommendations from her father? Todd was the preferred counselor that everyone went to from Vendetta’s Father’s church, but after his divorce and the false rumors of what he did, he was not preferred, henceforth. Vendetta may have liked this, because far fewer people would know her business at the church if the source of any gossip came from Todd. Vendetta is a smart girl. She doesn’t make decisions without a lot of thought.