story_image_turning-pointOn one occasion, Vendetta yelled at me when I requested a ride from the auto dealership back to the house. The walk was about two miles, which I gladly took in order to avoid Vendetta. When Vendetta was on the phone she yelled at me so much that her coworkers were very upset with her. One in particular, texted me how sorry she felt that Vendetta was doing that to me. She mentioned that no matter what I did or how nice I could be, Vendetta would still be mean. That was essentially the turning point for me. In order to get more information about Donna’s (Vendetta’s employee) comments, I invited her out to meet me at the restaurant. Before we met, she said Ethan (our roommate) had told her some stuff, so I invited him out too. Apparently, Vendetta had a method of dividing up people and talking about them behind their back. She would tell me everything negative about Donna. She would do the same about Ethan. Then she would tell them both the negative things about me. 1 The problem with the manipulation is you need people to not trust each other, because if they talk, then the manipulation falls apart. Apparently, Ethan was friends with Donna and when Donna told Ethan all the terrible things I supposedly did to Vendetta, Ethan told Donna the truth. The truth was believable, because it made more sense than Vendetta’s lies. Donna immediately knew that what Vendetta said was lies and we were all a part of you game. Apparently, Vendetta was doing this with friends and family too. Her Aunt Samantha and grandmother were lied too. I got an earful of complaints when I went to thanksgiving with Vendetta. Vendetta told her aunt and grandmother that I made her get a roommate. I told them the truth that it was a family decision. I made it very clear that we were in financial trouble if we didn’t do something immediately.