story_image_uturnDuring Vendetta’s second (of the yearlong marriages) and final visit to Atlanta to see me, she went through my emails, Facebook, etc. messages looking for evidence of whatever was in her head. She came across an email I sent to the roommate Ethan at which I confided that it seemed that Vendetta’s family hated me. I didn’t know at the time that Vendetta was planting that seed, so I just said to be careful and try to stay out of trouble. We exchanged stories of how Taylor attacked us. She cornered Ethan and yelled at him to pay the rent even though Vendetta told him that it was ok if the rent was delayed until he got his student loans. Ethan knew the whole thing was a setup, that Vendetta turned Taylor against him. I told Ethan that Taylor did the same thing to me in an email. To use Vendetta’s description of Taylor’s actions,… Taylor “attacked” me. I wrote her back, of course, and defending myself against every point and even CCed Samantha, Taylor’s sister, to make sure their horrible game of manipulative telephone would end. On two other occasions, Vendetta found messages on Facebook and in my text to people who I was speaking to in order to help Vendetta.

Vendetta found my email to Ethan and forwarded it to her Taylor. That’s all it took to push Taylor over the edge. Now Vendetta only had to convince her father to hate me and she’d be able to be as mean to me as she wanted until I broke down and quit the marriage. Unfortunately for Vendetta, I was just as quickly figuring out her manipulation. All I needed to do was talk to her ex-husband.