sleeping newbornWhen Lauren was born, I was so excited. Vendetta was happy too, but she had to have a C-section and that was not our plan. Vendetta noticed that Lauren was not kicking for a while, and she went to the doctor who said it was time for Lauren to come out. She apparently had a bad experience and complained the whole time that she could feel the surgery cutting her to the disbelief of the doctors. “She is intolerant of discomfort, inconvenience, and pain. She may moan and groan, scream and cry primarily out of fear, not pain.”

I rushed to Charleston and got there just as Vendetta woke up to see Lauren. I was very excited and happy for her. Things were great for a week plus, but then I was getting lots of strange looks from Taylor and Vendetta’s friends.

One funny thing happened at the hospital. The black nurses whispered into my ears that the baby looked like me. I figured it was because black men maybe abandoned their wives after having kids due to the added responsibility, a complete stereotype. Truth was, in Vendetta’s drugged state and impaired emotional state, and she kept asking if Lauren looked like her. The nurses probably thought that it was funny and said Lauren looked like me in reality. Months later, she asked the same on social media and people grudgingly told her that Lauren and her looked very similar. My mom and I laughed, because Lauren looked nothing like Vendetta. “My mother was disappointed when I was born because I had my father’s features. It’s been a battle ever since.”