story_image_housecleaningRasputin had setup a house cleaning that we were all supposed to participate in, but I was the only one who went with the cleaners. I worked for eight hours, but when Vendetta finally left the hospital, she was mad that I wasn’t there. I honestly thought she wanted me to clean the house and even her evil friend Rasputin wanted that, too.

Vendetta told her friends a ton about me that wasn’t true, so when they interacted with me and saw me at the hospital, they were cautious1. I also thought Vendetta was acting funny, but she just finished having a baby and was out of sorts. I think Vendetta didn’t want her friends to have the right impression of me, so she was weird about things when they saw me being wonderful. In terms of the house cleaning, I think Rasputin and crew set me up to be away from the hospital so that they could talk. I think Vendetta wanted it also. They also tried to get me to pay for it, which was nuts, because I didn’t order it. I just couldn’t figure out where my good deeds could be so maltreated / interpreted. Taylor and co still bring up the fact that I was at the house cleaning for eight hours instead of with Vendetta, but Vendetta never made any requests of me, so I never knew what was wrong.