story_image_extortionThe whole weekend was weird in so many ways. After talking to Eliot, I knew with more clarity that the whole marriage was a fraud, but I’d rather fix it for Lauren’s sake than give up. Vendetta was even meaner than usual leading up to the April 15th tax day. I was talking to Rasputin about doing our taxes, and he sent Vendetta’s income for the past year. It was triple what she made the year before, but I wasn’t surprised, because of all the work I put into the business. When Vendetta found out I knew what she made, she got mad at Rasputin. The whole time she was keeping her income a secret to have the excuse that she didn’t make any money. Truth was, she made a ton of money and would eventually make more than me, but I was the only one paying the household bills.

Suddenly, Vendetta’s moods got a lot friendlier. She and Rasputin were at a bar after she got off from a wedding. Unfortunately, she picked up Lauren on the way home and was thus, drinking and driving with Lauren in the car. Here are her messages from the bar:

story_image_drinking2.jpg story_image_drinking.jpgShe did that often… usually when she went to the pool with Rasputin and his drinking buddies. Vendetta even invited me over to the bar, but I was repulsed with how she treated me earlier that day when she crashed the car and didn’t let me take care of my own daughter. Vendetta’s niceness was just another indicator that she was trying something fishy, so I got ready for the next day’s meeting with Rasputin to discuss and sign my tax forms.

That next day, I met Rasputin at one of Vendetta’s friend’s child’s birthdays. Rasputin was there to have me sign the tax documents, but over the couple of weeks before hand, he never explained to me how they were going to the photography company’s tax bill of 20k. Since I paid my taxes directly from my wages, I didn’t have this huge tax debt, but Rasputin deciding to not pay taxes for the whole year. I later learned that he also sandbagged revenue from the year earlier to inflate the taxes during our marriage in order to get a bigger tax refund owed to married couples. That was completely against IRS rules, so they incurred penalties for their inaction. Rasputin, instead, accumulated tax debt for one sneaky reason: to get me to pay it. The elephant in the room was that I knew this already, so I submitted my taxes weeks before. I didn’t want to be associated with fraud or tax debt1.

BTW, Rasputin was Vendetta’s weakest link in her fraud. He was so transparent, that I knew when they were plotting something, but his worse trait is he underestimated how smart Vendetta and I were. He was Vendetta’s puppet and never knew it, and he thought I was an idiot. When his plans went wrong, he just couldn’t figure it out. If you want the best comparison of Rasputin to a fictional character, just look at the Gone Girl movie and watch for the neighbor with the babies.

Rasputin approached me at the party and asked me to follow him into a separate room. Once there, he showed me the tax documents. I spent 20 years in the stock market, 10 years as a financial analyst, and I just got my MBA from a top 20 program. I read the documents like a menu at the Olive Garden. Rasputin still didn’t explain how he was going to pay the tax bill. He said to just sign the documents, and the government would send me a bill later on. What he didn’t say was that signing this tax bill would make me personally liable for the bill, which Vendetta had no intention of paying since she already destroyed her credit by voluntarily stopping payments on her last mortgage. In fact, I knew a divorce was imminent. They just wanted to get me to sign and pay the debt before she filed. No thanks!

I told Rasputin I would sign and turn in the documents, but that I needed him to write a check for the full tax bill. He said he didn’t have the check books on him. I smiled. Foreseeing this exact conversation, I presented the check books to him. He had no more excuses and proceeded to do something I never anticipated. He started berating me and in probably the most intimidatingly way possible, yelled at me to sign the documents. This was the closest I ever got to being physically assaulted in my adult life. I didn’t predict extortion, but this was exactly the situation. I plainly told him, “I think this conversation is over.” Rattled, but confident I made the right decision, I drove back to Atlanta and immediately called my parents, who said I made the right decision.

Vendetta was really nice to me as I left the house. She thought I had signed the documents, and she was going to get away with murder, again. Hours later, Vendetta called me screaming and said that I was out of my mind and a terrible husband. Here are her text messages:

story_image_marriage.jpgI told her that I was a victim of extortion and that Rasputin should be fired. She hung up on me. She then blocked me on Facebook and got her father to block me as well. I assume Taylor didn’t block me because she was the spy to keep eyes on me. Five hours later, I wrote Vendetta, Taylor, Charles, and Rasputin a message and said that Rasputin should be fired and that we could go with accountants at a wealth management company that Vendetta never went through with using. That next day I talked to Charles, who was more sympathetic that Rasputin helped Vendetta for years than he was towards the fact that Rasputin committed a crime against me. I couldn’t understand it, but at that point it became clear that Vendetta had turned Charles as well. I guess he assumed his heart attack was a result of him wanting the marriage to continue. He should have been concerned about his daughter’s health. When I told him that Rasputin tried to extort money from me, he didn’t care.

For all this trouble, Rasputin had the nerve to send me a bill for $500 that magically turned into $800 before the trial. They were relentless and lying was not a concern. As maybe a trial day trick, Vendetta and Rasputin also showed an IRS letter stating that Vendetta owed 10k with a 25% annual fee. Although all the cash was in her accounts, she was still so relentless in take everything from me… daughter, money, parent’s money, friendships, marriage. This is the true definition of Borderline Personality Disorder. There is no stopping her from being evil.