story_image_marriage_counselor2After Vendetta stopped going to Todd, the counselor, I quickly booked a second “marriage” counselor to help us get things back together. I promised Vendetta that it would be ok and that she could go there by herself and tell the counselor all the things that she disliked about me. She quickly took me up on that offer and went with her mom. When I went to the counselor, she stated that Vendetta simply had grievances with me that were not marriage ending, but just needed to be worked out in counseling between two people that wanted things to work out in life. I agreed I would do anything it took to change, but Vendetta was pretty content that I was the only one that needed to change and not her. I finally got her to at least one counseling session where she said we were only married on paper and that the marriage was on the rocks. I finally had the courage to say that I thought Vendetta was a pathological liar. I was right, in the end.