story_image_arrestThis was the deal breaker in the marriage. This is why it ended, but not for the reason that was most apparent. Vendetta tracked down my location, because she hacked my phone. She lied about her intentions to deliver diapers to me for Lauren. She tried to take Lauren and put her in a dangerous situation while she was raging. She attacked me with my own car keys. I called the cops after I secured Lauren in the car. In fact, I didn’t even leave my car seat and was still buckled in during the entire episode.

By this point, I thought I had all the control, because I was a victim of this horrible crime. I was even bleeding from my face and neck where Vendetta stabbed me. I purposefully didn’t touch Vendetta for fear of going to jail… I am a black man in the South after all… and those things matter especially in situations where crime is involved. But… Vendetta lied to the police. She insinuated that I harmed her. When the police said, “Ma’ma did those injuries come from this encounter?” Vendetta said “Yes.” Said thing is the police didn’t ask the right question. They should have asked, “Ma’am, did your husband cause those injuries to you?” The answer was no!

“They believe that others would do what they did in order to survive… Thus, the borderline is unconcerned with the consequences of lying because she feels she had no other option.”

Vendetta was possessed, but I had seen it before. What I had never seen was her actually attack another person. I predicted self harm and crazy driving, but not an effort to do physical harm to someone else. I was terrified. I had never been so scared in my entire life. Not once. Just seeing the anger and the evilness in her eyes would chill anyone. Seeing her approach the car was out of a movies. Seeing her weapon between her ring and middle finger while I was being attacked. Her disregard for hurting Lauren during the attack… her single focus on doing everything in her power to destroy me was the worse memory I’ll never be able to rid from my dreams. The stabbing wounds on my neck, face, and arms were bad, but the fact that she lied to the police about what I did in the situation is the part that ended our relationship. I never harmed her. I could say unequivocally that I never touched her if I never reached out to hold her hand down. One punch to Lauren’s face or head which was maybe two inches away from where she was attacking me would have killed or disfigured Lauren. The danger that Lauren and I was in was not worth letting occur just to say I never put a finger on Vendetta. I can be with something who tries to be normal and sane, but I can’t be with someone who will lie to save themselves and destroy a family in the process. Lauren, if you are reading this, that’s why our family is not together. I’m sorry, but I first tried to save both of us. When I was safely away, I tried everything in my legal power to save you, but I failed. I didn’t realize the legal system would make it next to impossible to save you. If you need proof of Vendetta getting charged, here it is:



I believe that Vendetta lied to save herself as if it were an instinct she acquired from her mother or in life. She has no issues with lying in any situation. I have zero trust in her and feel sorry for my daughter who will most likely learn her bad behaviors.