story_image_normalThis was the oddest thing that I’ll leave to the psychologist to explain, but whenever Vendetta left Charleston, she was mostly normal. That’s why I could spend three weeks traveling with her and not have warning flags about a future relationship. Sure, she lost her mind twice, but that was better than the last girl I dated, so I considered myself lucky.1

To illustrate how crazy this was, Vendetta and I went on a day trip to a theme park for our one year anniversary. It was a rough trip for the first half of the day, but then she started to loosen up… I was apprehensive as well,… and we had a great time. On the way home to Charleston, we were like our old selves. It was fantastic. My guard was down and I was excited to be with the person I married. All of a sudden, we came within 45 mins of home and Vendetta’s attitude completely changed. It was crazy! She got silent. Then she started an argument. I had no idea why it happened, but that’s just how that day ended. I found out that night that Vendetta messaged her mom who was curious how the day went. She said that we fought again… nothing about her starting a fight,.. just that we fought. I told Vendetta that she got this way from time to time and that it’s usually when she is stressed or not sleeping enough. That’s before I knew for sure that Vendetta had borderline personality disorder (BPD).