instagramThe next day, I felt better that maybe a night in jail would help Vendetta to wake up and be sane again. Maybe she would seek help and fix herself. That didn’t come true. One of Vendetta’s friends called me up and asked what had happened because the story that Vendetta told him was so weird. I told my story and that person immediately knew I was telling the truth. They had a background in investigations, after all. After that day, I panicked. If Vendetta was telling people a lie, then they would never forgive me no matter what I told them. Her friends would eventually surround her with biased opinions of what I did and tell her to leave me. She would let the crowd dictate her reactions and that would be the end of our relationship. I wrote a message on Facebook that was my prayer for Vendetta. I prayed that she would tell the truth. That message was not received and her attorney asked me to take it down. Here is a picture of Vendetta telling her friends that she was victorious in the legal situation. It served a point to subtly prove that because I didn’t have Lauren, that I was guilty by default:


Next thing I heard was that Vendetta started telling as many people as possible her lie. She said that I “really roughed you up” in your sing-song voice. Unfortunately for Vendetta, her weird behavior discredited her as well.