This was just another area the Vendetta tried to fool everyone in to thinking that she was right. After several horrible remarks about not wanting to come to Jacksonville for a soccer game that I asked her about months ahead of time, she ends up coming. Here was her remark to me the day she was supposed to come down:pic

This was an important day, because it was the first time my parents were going to get to see Lauren.

The morning of the game, we headed to the stadium to tailgate. Lauren was with my parents. We drink and had a great time. The game was amazing and Vendetta looked like she was having a blast. Before we walked into the stadium, Vendetta had a lot to drink and throw up at the entrance. She was very drunk, but had a good time anyway. After the game, we were tailgating again as the traffic died down. Vendetta proceeded to drink and got drunk again. When we got home, Vendetta woke up Lauren and started to breast feed her. Vendetta gave some bogus story about how alcohol doesn’t affect a baby, but we all knew it was a lie and we watched in shock at how Vendetta was hurting Lauren. Just seeing her drunk and feeding Lauren was revolting, but you couldn’t say anything to Vendetta, because we were all scared about what she would do. This was not an isolated incident. She drank…. Tequila, beer, wine, vodka, etc. throughout the pregnancy. It made a lot of people uncomfortable, but no one said anything. I revolt at thinking of how powerless I was to stop her. I just didn’t want to rock the boat, because I wanted to keep my marriage. If I could have just talked to Vendetta’s OBGYN, I think that would have helped, but that would have ended my marriage. 1