story_image_Worries About LaurenThis is what happens to children who grow up in this environment: “Children borderline mothers begin their lives with an insecure attachment to an emotionally unstable mother. Thus, these children risk becoming impulsive, rage-filled, oppositional, aggressive, depressed, and violent. They are also at risk for developing BPD themselves… making early recognition and intervention essential.”

“Although she can function extraordinarily well in other roles, mothering is the single most daunting task for the borderline female. Her fear of abandonment and her tendency to experience separation as rejection or betrayal lock the borderline mother and her children in a struggle for survival. Children with borderline mothers experience chronic anxiety because they are uncertain of their mother’s behavior.”

“When co-workers hear the borderline mother complain about her children they assume the children are troubled, rather than the mother.” This is how most people reacted to hearing about me.

I had a really good case to take Lauren away from Vendetta, but legal costs were the only thing that stopped me. Until that was reconciled, I had to make sure Lauren was in the best possible health. Long ago, Vendetta complained that her mother starved her. This was some kind of mental projection of Vendetta deciding not to eat and instead to starve herself. I guess she was taking after her dead aunt on her Dad’s side who suffered from bulimia. Vendetta even confessed to me that she wanted to breast feed in order to lose more weight. Lauren was already in the lower 5% for her size and Vendetta had trouble breastfeeding, obviously because she wasn’t eating enough. My family mad sure that Lauren ate like a champ and had supplements whenever possible. I never gave Lauren sugar or processed fat, because it’s so inundated in our diets already. I guess, I just like being a father and doing right for my daughter… I try to protect her. I also call Lauren’s doctor to make sure nothing happened.

“On a warm fall night in 1994, Samantha Smith, a separated mother of two, strapped her toddlers in their car seats and took them for a ride. His mother was driving erratically, sobbing, and bitting her nails. Samantha Smith drove to a lake near Union, South Carolina, and parked her car at the top of the boat ramp. She stepped out of the car, released the parking brake, and let the car roll into the water with her babies strapped inside.” This is why I kept fighting to make sure Vendetta got therapy, because even when divorced, she is still dangerous.