story_image_BPDWhile on the phone with Samantha, she lets slip that Taylor had researched what was wrong with Vendetta years ago. Taylor said it was Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). I blew it off at first, because I believed that Vendetta was suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). After I did more research, I believe Taylor and Samantha were right, but so was I. Those disorders belong to the same family as Anti-Social Personality Disorder (Psychopath) and that Vendetta had traits of all three1. There is also a very dark period in Vendetta’s life around 2010 when she was doing many bad things. I don’t know if it was a relationship that derailed her, but she was taking lots of medicine and looked up accidental pregnancies in her google searches.

What really got me was when I told Samantha that Vendetta said Taylor would attempt suicide when Vendetta was young. She immediately responds that that was a “projection”. That was the first time I heard that term and it floored me when I looked it up ( “

Vendetta said that she slept with only a few people, but the numbers and people don’t make sense. Kip never slept with her and Vendetta never wrote that they slept together. It looked like Vendetta slept with someone in 2010 and they probably broke up, which means she never told me anything about that period of time. I think she might have slept with a lot of men and those men came from her hosting couch surfers. These were speculated on the mother’s forum I posted on long ago; maybe the crowd was right.