This was when I knew things were bad. Vendetta, in the most cowardly way possible, ended a marriage via an Instagram Post. Really? See below. She purposely posted a picture of her hand to prove that she was done. Her best friend Tiffany was cheering her along in the comments area:

Instagram image1


Were we in middle school? Not only about the post, but her best friend Tiffany seemed like she encouraged it. I was floored. I first thought to myself, what the hell is happening. All the help I tried to get Vendetta, the vows we took till death do us part. I sacrificed absolutely everything to make this family work and put myself in danger a half dozen times to keep this marriage alive. Not only was Vendetta throwing away a marriage, but what would he friends and father think of her? Well, those questions were answered over six months later when I read a book on Vendetta’s disorder. It appeared that I was one of dozens of people who she manipulated for years. If manipulating me is too hard to imagine, then remember that she did it to her mother, and her supposed sister, who was an exchange student from Europe. No one is too special for Vendetta’s psychology to use for her own benefits. It’s sad. It will always be sad to me, but my efforts go 100% toward protecting Lauren. If that means forcing Vendetta to get therapy, then so be it.