story_image_marriage sabotageTruth be told, I never expected Vendetta to end our marriage. I just figured she would wake up and realize what she was doing1. When I started talking to people, I learned that Vendetta’s sickness was way worse than I ever expected. Not only did Vendetta use people to get ahead, but she was incredible vindictive and her mother knew it from the beginning.

One story involved Vendetta leaving her father’s church to join River Church to get away from her mother who was trying to stop Vendetta from doing something awful to Eliot, her ex-husband. Apparently, Vendetta found out that Eliot was getting married again and she was not happy, so she wanted to sabotage the wedding by putting pictures of her and Eliot on the cars of all the guests in the parking lot. This was probably just the beginning of Vendetta’s plan to ultimately ruin Eliot’s wedding. Taylor called up the River Church pastor and asked if he would intervene and stop Vendetta, who was out of control. I’m not sure if he did anything, but the damage was done. Vendetta was labeled in a way that fit her intentions.

Although Vendetta and Eliot were not together for a long time and she already did him wrong by choosing not to pay the mortgage, when she was contractually supposed too, Vendetta continue to torment Eliot. Before, I was afraid of physical violence from Vendetta, but at this point, I knew she wouldn’t leaving me or my future family in peace.