story_image_Courtroom DramaOur trial went on as expected and it wasn’t that difficult since neither one of us were criminals in the mind of the judge. I knew the truth, but Vendetta might have been scared. What I witnessed was far worse. Vendetta, for some reason thought that or wanted me to be guilty. Her attorney talked to my attorney and knew that they were going to throw out my case anyway. Vendetta was determined to put me under the jail. I speculate that Vendetta probably told all her friends that I was an evil person and they wanted me to go to jail. They probably expected me to go to jail since the stories she told about me were so bad. In the opposite light, I wanted Vendetta to get fully assessed from a court ordered psychologist to treat her disorder. Neither one of use got our wish.

Vendetta was furious with the result. She ended up having another rage, but this one was far more controlled. She still couldn’t talk and definitely wasn’t nice to me. When she walked away from the court house with her mom and her attorney, she was yelling at both of them. She was furious and I was just shacking my head. Although I was completely innocent and attacked on top of that, she was mad, because I guess,… Well,.. she wanted to bury me.

According to my psychologist, Vendetta wanted to destroy me and she still does. She wants to see me suffer and feel horrible and not go on with life. I thought it was a terrible thing to think of someone else, but it’s probably the truth. I’ve heard similar stories of other people thinking the same way she does.