story_image_Lies From a PastorWhen I left the court house, I told Vendetta that I’m going to stop by the house to see Lauren after I traveled 5 hours for the trial. I owned the house 100% and I had done her the courtesy of telling her that I was going back home. She said that her Dad was going to visit me at the house, which I thought was weird, but everything she did was weird.

When I got to the house, the door was locked. I tried my keys, but they didn’t work. Since I spoke to Eliot months ago about him getting repeatedly locked out of his house, I expected this to happen to me too. Just as I was figuring things out, Charles arrived. I thought, well great, Charles has a key I could try. I asked him to open the door and he asked if it was locked. I said yes, can you please open the door? He asked me to use my key. I told him that the locks were changed and he said he didn’t know anything about it. I was on to his game, so I asked for his keys so I could check the door myself. He refused. I told him again that I know the locks were changed and I said to Charles that I know he has the key. “Can you please open the door so I can see Lauren and collect my things.” He said the locks weren’t changed and that Lauren was not around. Not believing him, I went to the next door neighbor and asked them for the key.

The neighbor said Vendetta came in last week and gave him a spare key, but that she took it back that morning. I thought it was strange for several reasons. 1. It certified that Charles was lying; 2. It meant that the locks were changed and, 3. Vendetta was never intending to let me get my stuff. Backtracking a little, I left a lot of my stuff at the house before Vendetta arrived home from jail, because I never thought she was going to go this far seeking divorce. She was so dead wrong and I didn’t know how she was going to twist this story to make herself look innocent. How wrong was I?

I returned to Charles and told him that I knew the locks were change. I told him I knew he had the spare key. I also reminded him that he was a man of the God and that I was disappointed in him. Next, I told him that I wanted to see Lauren. I hadn’t seen her for months, because Charles and Vendetta were blocking me and my family from seeing her. Even when I traveled to Charleston, they would only let me see her for 1 hour on a normal day. I don’t know in what despicable world they lived in where this was moral, ethical, or just plain appropriate, but that was their decision. I told Charles that I was going to wait here until I saw Lauren. He told me that Taylor left with Lauren and they were an hour away. I reminded him that he said “Taylor just left with Lauren”, so they couldn’t be an hour away. He didn’t answer knowing he was caught in the second lie of the afternoon.

When he said Lauren was an hour away, something triggered in me. They knew that I was leaving in an hour to head back to Atlanta, but how? Well, it turned out that they hacked my phone, had my calendar, messages, todo list, gps location, etc. They had it all. Charles dropped the ball and their game was up.

Back to the events of the day, Charles firmly placed himself next to the door and refused to help me get into my house and refused to let me see Lauren, who I suspected was upstairs anyway. I told Charles that I was calling a locksmith to get into my house. He started texting Vendetta, who told him, with advice from her attorney, to call the police. Although I wasn’t doing anything illegal, because it was my house, I backed away. I figured out a better idea to get my stuff. My friend, Diego, was there to witness the whole thing. He was just as mad as I was and he wanted me to do more. I never traveled without a witness so I could prevent Vendetta from making false accusations against me. I told Diego that we should get out of there. We split and I told him what I was going to do to get my stuff.

I went back to the house the very next weekend and got all my stuff without any problems. I even brought a witness who certified that Vendetta was opening my mail and stole a number of checks that were supposed to be deposited to my account. She told my lawyer that I stole money from her, but I couldn’t deposit checks into my account that had her name on them, so that claim was bogus.