story_image_bowlingLike what was happening through most of the marriage, Vendetta got mad, but the blowing alley night was especially bizarre. We were all having a great time at the bowling alley. All of a sudden, I slapped Vendetta’s butt after a good bowl, like usual, and her whole attitude changed in an instance. She didn’t say anything and sat opposite of our group of friends. She tried to stay composed, but within a few minutes she was very upset and left the area we were hanging out in. She went and sat on the other side if the room. Still not knowing why she was so upset, I went over to talk to her and see what was wrong. She didn’t have an explanation. I drove home with her as the others went out. Vendetta and I didn’t talk the whole way home. I think she wanted some sort of apology, but I had no idea why she was so mad.