Bowling Night Fiasco

Like what was happening through most of the marriage, Vendetta got mad, but the blowing alley night was especially bizarre. We were all having a great time at the bowling alley. All of a sudden, I slapped Vendetta's butt after a good bowl, like usual, and her whole attitude changed in an instance. She didn't

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Rage #1: Vendetta’s First Rage

After I proposed to Vendetta, we were both very excited and our friends were super excited too. A couple of weeks later, we went up to Tennessee to visit Vendetta’s aunt Samantha. It was a great time and we were excited to be on a fun vacation; however, Vendetta’s first rage happened on the way

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Things Get Stranger – Message from Vendetta’s Grandmother

Psychological Analysis: Could it be possible that you wanted so much to see her “sane” that you ignored many key moments of windows in to her fragile instability?  Also you are citing a lot quotes about people with Borderline Personality Disorder.  I agree the disorder is exhausting to deal with but folks with this disorder can

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