story_image_brazilWhen I went to Brazil for study abroad, I had Vendetta come with me. She had to understand that this was a school trip and that I would not be available to hang out all the time, but since she was there, it would be a good experience. While in RIO, a second rage happened. I was coming home from a business networking meeting and Vendetta was waiting for me at the hotel. Since the bus was going to drop us off at the club district, I had my friend send a message to Vendetta when he got to the hotel. I also sent a message via my cell phone, but it never appeared that it was received. I waited at the club for Vendetta, but she never came, so I left early to head home and I found her waiting for me at the hotel. She was talking to one of my friends at the front desk. She was in a pleasant mood until they left the scene.

I quickly asked what had happened and got a story that she was very upset and she walking around all over Rio looking for the place where I was. I felt bad that we couldn’t meet up, but Vendetta was already manic. She started running up and down the hotel lobby like she was possessed. She was yelling very loud – like no one was around – and she was out of control. She would run out into the Rio streets without regard for her safety. I didn’t come after her, because it was super dangerous and she was out of control. Even the hotel staff didn’t go out on the streets. Vendetta even sent messaging to all of her friends that she was going to cancel the wedding. At this point, I thought, maybe that’s a good idea, because she was losing it. Since this was only our second fight in close to a year, I let it slip. I went back to her hotel and tried to give her some time to relax. We eventually salvaged the trip and had a great time in Argentina and Patagonia.

It needs to be said that I did not raise my voice or try to anger Vendetta at any time during those rages. It’s like she is possessed and completely unreasonable, so you just want her to calm down so she doesn’t hurt herself of me in the process of self-destruction. This rage wasn’t as dangerous as the first one and I also felt guilty that I didn’t do more to help her, but her reaction was way over-the-top.