Rage #6: Vendetta Crashes the Van

I ran into the shower before Vendetta left for a wedding because I didn’t want to shower when I had Lauren with me. When I got out, I needed to grab something from the car, but I couldn’t find my keys. I last lost my keys… never. I rarely lose anything because I have so

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Rage #4: Knock at the Door

I started asking the counselor how to act to protect myself from Vendetta's negative attitude and emotional abuse. She said I couldn't take blame for absolutely everything that Vendetta did, because it would put me into a depression Psychological Analysis: Very true.  Can’t take blame for ALL things but can take responsibility for your actions

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Rage #2: RIO, Brazil

When I went to Brazil for study abroad, I had Vendetta come with me. She had to understand that this was a school trip and that I would not be available to hang out all the time, but since she was there, it would be a good experience. While in RIO, a second rage happened.

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