story_image_thanksgivingBy Thanksgiving, things were bad. Charles wanted Vendetta and I to hang out together, but Vendetta insisted that we not, so she went with her parents directly through Atlanta where I was staying and on to Alabama to visit her grandparents. I assume now that she wanted to get to Alabama to tell her family all the horrible things that I was doing to Vendetta. Time check: we were married a little over 6 months.

When I got to Alabama, Vendetta and her relatives were acting strange towards me. I assumed that once they got to know me a little more, they would be fine, but some of them completely dismissed me as if I was very temporary. Obviously, they knew Vendetta well enough that she uses people and throws them away. They didn’t even come to the wedding, so they knew what was going to happen. Vendetta’s grandmother still had a picture of Eliot and Vendetta in her house. This is strange as hell, but the shocking part was, the grandmother said she didn’t have any problems with Eliot. Crazy, but that statement, literally, threw Vendetta under the bus.

The day after I arrived, Samantha, Taylor, Marjory, and Vendetta were sitting at the kitchen table, talking in a low voice. When I passed by, they stopped and Samantha (always the bravest of the bunch) asked me why I forced Vendetta to get a roommate. I explain to her and the rest of the group that I didn’t force Vendetta to do anything, but that she picked to have a roommate when I gave her three choices to save money. Apparently, Vendetta had told her family that I forced her to get a roommate and I was forcing her to do many terrible things against her wishes. These were lies, of course, but I didn’t understand why Vendetta was saying that. I didn’t have the knowledge I had now to see these lies were a very elaborate character assassination in order to lower my ability to unite people to help Vendetta to get therapy and psychological help. Vendetta’s plan also helped to plant the seeds for an eventual divorce. If you see the movie “Gone Girl”, you’ll know why and how this was done.